Technophobe or (I – Spaceship – U!)
30 second video for QR code project by Laura Zaylea (

Untitled (Dirty Dancing)
3 minutes

Archivist of Emotion
3 minutes

I Am Double
Short Video
3 minutes
In this short video, I inserted my body into a classic scene from Flashdance. This scene used a body double for the close-ups of Jennifer Beals’ body. I became her body double’s double; literally and metaphorically.

Camouflage Pink

Narrative / Romantic Comedy / Queer Short Movie (co-written and directed with Laura Zaylea)
15 minutes

Synopsis (from
Her demeanor may scream “Tough! Militant! Dyke!”, but Rayna’s insides are gooey and pink. Her journal entries rhyme. And the truth is, she really wants to go to the prom. Camouflage Pink is not another coming out story. It’s a heartfelt adventure into the mind of a 17-year-old girl whose true feelings conflict with the image she projects in school. Though Rayna lectures her friend Dill about resisting the “conformist hetero institution” that is the prom, her own strict definition of a “dyke identity” is more conformist. Rayna desperately needs to “come out,” not to realize her sexual desire, but to explore her longing for activities she automatically rejects as “mainstream.” As she negotiates these conflicting aspects of her identity, Rayna starts to get everything she wants: A closer friendship. A budding romance. And a pink prom dress.

Camouflage Pink was distributed through an independent initiative, called the “Lydia Pink Project,” supported by DykeTV and the Open Meadows Foundation. Along with a queer short called Lydia Li (written/directed by Laura Zaylea), it was sent to 100 queer- and diversity-focused youth groups around the United States.


Queer Smut in distribution (links to adult websites)

These 3 videos were made to represent real queer sexuality. Plenty of other filmmakers paved the way for these types of videos to exist and plenty are making it full-time now. I am grateful for their dedication and commend all of them.

Turn Me Up Over and On (2003, 28 minutes)
Coming Home (2006, 75 minutes)
Special Delivery (2007, 81 minutes)


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