I’m a full-time librarian who is also an artist and am trying to get back into the practice of making…I needed a way to organize and shamelessly promote my past, current, future art projects so I created this blog.

Most of my video work deals with appropriation and performance and representations of sexuality or snippets of it. Some of my work involves nudity. Some of it is unashamedly queer pornography. I am not interested in the art v. pornography debate as I’ve made pornographic videos within the context of a professional art program and outside of it. I firmly believe there is a place for it in both worlds. My paintings are more abstract. I am a lover of color, shape, and thin lines. My art is fueled by an understanding of queer theory and the politics of place. Future art projects make take a different twist as an education in the world of libraries has inspired me to incorporate other modes of researching as part of the creative process.